Annual Physical Exams in Chicago

Annual Physical Exams in Chicago
Annual physical exams check over all the body's systems to identify possible risk factors and potential future problems that, with proper care, can be prevented or contained before an actual medical problem emerges. Early detection and prevention or treatment has been found effective in a variety of medical conditions. In most cases the earlier a potential problem is identified, the easier it is to quickly and effectively treat. In addition, many small problems on their own may not be cause enough for concern, but when put together may present a picture of a larger issue at work that does need to be addressed.
When to Get a Complete Physical Exam
Comprehensive physical exams are beneficial in a variety of instances, such as:
If you feel you are in general good health and have no specific physical concerns or complaints, but nevertheless desire validation of those feelings 
If you would like to establish a baseline level for various health factors that your practitioners can then use in the future to compare with present conditions
If you have no idea how healthy or unhealthy you are and would like to find out
If you would like to get started on a program of long-term wellness and don't know exactly where to start
What Happens In A Complete Physical Exam?
At the risk of offending some of our physician friends, we believe it's important to let you know that our examinations involve more than a cursory two-minute, "Turn your head and cough, please," look-over. The examinations we provide are complete physical exams in which we take all the time we need with you to get a clear and accurate picture of the state of your health. 
The complete physical exam Chicago residents receive with us cover:
Health History - going over your concerns or complaints, as well as relevant lifestyle habits like sleep, exercise, diet, alcohol and tobacco use, and your personal and family medical history
Health Goals - in which we review with you what goals you'd like to accomplish in terms of improving your health (such as weight loss or stress reduction)
Vital Signs - including blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and respiration
General Appearance - examining items from your skin, posture, balance and gait to your mental acuity and memory
Abdominal Exam - tapping the belly to check liver size and abdominal fluid presence, palpating the area for tenderness, and using a stethoscope to listen for bowel activity
Extremities Exam - checking pulse in the arms and/or legs, checking joints for abnormalities, and looking for any other changes in the structure or sensation of the appendages
Heart & Lung Exams - using a stethoscope to listen to your heart (for irregular beating, murmurs and signs of heart disease) and your breathing (for wheezing crackles, or shallow, strained breathing)
Head & Neck Exam - including throat, tonsils, sinuses, ears, nose, eyes, lymph nodes, carotid arteries, thyroid, teeth and gums
Neurological Exam - checking muscle strength, nerve sensitivity, reflexes, balance and mental state
Skin Exam - checking skin and nails
Often in a complete physical exam (though not always) one or more of the following basic screenings may be ordered:
complete blood count
chemistry panel 
Further, in the course of our examination, we may recommend more specific individual screenings based on your particular health history and risk factors. It would be difficult to presuppose what these screenings may be, as every individual is different, although you can get a brief overview of all the screenings we may recommend from this [Major Screenings List].
Whatever screenings we do or don't recommend, there's one thing you can count on: we will only recommend screenings we find necessary, and will never recommend screenings unnecessarily.
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