Long before a person experiences any symptoms our Chicago Nutrition Experts can identify many problems in the blood.

Once you complete your nutrition testing, we put together for you a personalized nutrition report (see below for details) that during your individualized counseling session, one of our Chicago nutritionists will carefully go over with you to help identify and explain any potential warning signs of serious illness, be that diabetes, heart disease, liver disease or even cancer...and many more.

The value of this early detection should be self-evident.

It Means Early Correction.

The earlier a person becomes aware of the potential for or onset of a serious illness, the easier it is to prevent it from becoming serious and, if possible, remove the precipitating factor (s). Nutrition testing coupled with individualized nutrition counseling is one of the surest ways to do this.

If, in the course of our nutrition testing, our Chicago nutrition experts detect a potential cause for concern they may recommend additional, more specialized nutrition testing, so as to hone in more closely on those or related problem areas.

What's in the Personalized Nutrition Report?

The personalized nutrition report we will produce for you contains all of the following:

  • Results: a hard copy of all of your test results
  • Analysis: an explanation of what these tests mean
  • Action: a list of the nutrients, vitamins, dietary requirements and other lifestyle changes necessary to start your journey back to health!
Get the Facts Today!

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