We believe health care is not just crisis management.

Health care is caring for one's total health and well-being. And for that, we require a system that recognizes the whole person being cared for -- not just the present crisis needing handling.

Enter the realm of "Functional Medicine"

What is Functional Medicine?  Functional medicine is the revolutionary yet common-sense approach we take to health care that retrains its focus from symptoms and diseases to the people experiencing those issues.

Practitioners of functional medicine such as ourselves, look at the whole person, rather than just an isolated set of symptoms and possible corrections.

For example:

  • Functional medicine practitioners learn their patients' personal histories, not just their medical ones
  • Functional medicine practitioners may incorporate therapies like chiropractic and individualized nutrition counseling with the latest modern technologies and techniques for laboratory testing and diagnoses
  • Functional medicine practitioners look at root causes to come up with long term solutions rather than simply treat symptoms

Patient-Centered Medicine

When reviewing a patient's history, functional medicine practitioners look at the interplay between a broad scope of factors, including:

  • Lifestyle - stress, activity, sleep, diet
  • Environmental - air/water quality, work and home environments, commute
  • Genetic - biological predispositions that can be avoided or ameliorated with early detection and prevention

Then, when evaluating problems and solutions, practitioners of functional medicine take into account the:

  • Origins - or these root causes (lifestyle, environmental and genetic) of the problem
  • Treatment - how to alleviate the problem
  • Prevention - how to keep it from getting worse and prevent it or any related problem from occurring in the future

Integrating Solutions

Integrating a spectrum of best practices in our evaluations and diagnoses means functional medicine practitioners also integrate a comprehensive array of solutions as well, such as (when indicated):

  • botanicals
  • vitamins or minerals
  • diet/nutrition changes
  • exercise programs
  • detoxification/cleansing programs
  • stress-management and relaxation techniques

Explore Functional Medicine For You

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