Problem-Focused Physical Exam | Chicago

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At Essential Health Solutions in Chicago, problem-focused physical exams investigate one or more specific complaints as well as giving the body's systems a general, overall check-over. If you have already been diagnosed with a medical condition or have been experiencing symptoms of a possible health concern, then a Problem-Focused Exam will be necessary to pinpoint the source of the problem, and/or monitor the condition.  
As part of the procedure, most Problem-Focused Exams include a General Physical Exam.  This general health analysis helps us get an overall picture of the status and inter-functioning of your bodily systems.  Often it is through this general portion of your exam that we can detect small problems that may be contributing to your condition but have been over looked in more limited-scope problem-focused exams.  
From there, a problem-focused exam lasers in on the most likely sources of a condition's development or advancement, until the related illness or imbalances can be identified and the proper therapies begun. To aid in this process, additional testing to investigate your condition may be required, including possible blood or urine screenings.
As each condition is unique (not to mention each individual) we cannot anticipate what screenings we may or may not recommend, however any testing and why it is recommended will be discussed with you during your Problem-focused Exam Review of Findings before moving on.
Don't guess about your health.  At Essential Health Solutions in Chicago, we are experts at diagnosing and finding the source of a wide variety of health issues allowing you to get the solutions you need so you can get back to feeling better.  Don't delay your good health: schedule your problem-focused exam online or call us at 773.878.7330.