Normal vs. Healthy Ranges

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What's Wrong With Normal Reference Ranges?

In the case of most blood tests, the results listed on your report are compared to "Normal Reference Ranges". Whoever reviews that report with you will then most likely tell you that as long as you are within the "Normal Reference Range" you are essentially healthy and have nothing to concern yourself with. The problem is that this is not always necessarily the case.

Despite what is often mistakenly believed, blood test results falling within so-called “Normal Reference Ranges” do not necessarily indicate that a person is indeed healthy.

Why? Because of how Normal Reference Ranges are determined…

Each lab determines their own set of Normal Reference Rages.

To determine Normal Reference Ranges about 100 to 200 people are tested in a particular lab unregulated by any central agency. These results are then averaged to determine the “baseline” middle level of this “Normal Reference Range”. The most extreme deviations from that baseline level, both above and below it, determine the high and low extremes of that range.

100 to 200 people determining the baseline nutrient levels for the entire population? Plus, the results are necessarily skewed from the start because most of these test subjects were being tested in the first place because they already had a health problem!  Normal blood test scores only reveal how healthy or unhealthy you are in comparison to these people.

That is why being "normal" is not enough. In fact, it's not necessarily even normal!

What's Good About Healthy Reference Ranges?

Rather than being based on the levels culled from a select group of the population, Healthy Reference Ranges are based on the levels scientifically determined to promote optimal health and minimize risk of illness or disease. 

At our Chicago nutrition counseling service, your  personalized nutrition test results that your Chicago nutritionist will go over with you in your individualized nutrition counseling session includes both the “Normal Reference Ranges" as well as the Healthy Reference Ranges – so you can get a more complete and reliable picture of your health.

Know Your Health

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