Digestive Testing

It’s all about what we eat and drink! But what if we are eating and drinking the best and not seeing results?
Sometimes our body isn't absorbing and utilizing the nutrients properly due to a disease process.
Detecting and eliminating these obstacles is just as important as eating healthy and if you think you're fine because you don't get tummy aches or other indicators of digestive problems think again.
Not only does a simple Stool test (which can be done at home without touching the poop) provide early detection of  colon cancer it may also indicate other disease processes such as anemia, Chron's esophagitis, gastritis, fissures, GI infection, tumors, irritable bowel disease, polyps, ulcerative colitis, GERD, diverticulitis, ect before symptoms occur.
Our Digestive Absorption Testing which dives deep to analyze how our body is processing our food may get to the bottom of tummy aches true but causes for things like thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, mood swings, depression, infertility, melatonin production ect may also be uncovered.
It's the same story for Ova and Parasite testing which may uncover the cause for gastrointestinal issues but also things like insomnia, obesity, and depression.
So whether you are experiencing gastrointestinal issues or those manifesting elsewhere, we will consult with you to choose the best testing option(s) for you that are cost effective and get the results you need to know.